The Best Way

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This picture has nothing to do with my blog. I just like it. 🙂 Indian Talking stick (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m not just talking about writing today. I’m talking to anybody that happens along this path. (That’s not new for me, anyway.)

You know how it is. You’re doing whatever it is you do, and one day you get a nagging feeling inside you that says, I’m tired of this. I want to try something new.

Or you wake up one morning, sit bolt upright in bed, and bam! Somethings got to change and you know exactly what it is.

However it hits you–in the head or the heart or just with itchy feet–I’m curious how your head or heart or feet work.

How do you decide what you’re going to do?

Do you look around, research the options, see what most people are doing these days? Find out what’s selling? What’s being worn?

Or do you pick up the first thing that looks vaguely interesting?

Like I said, I’m not just talking to writers today. I’m talking to anyone who does stuff. Quilters, crochet-ers, knitters, photographers, painters, golfers, vacationers– and writers.

Years ago, when I was a wee lass in junior high school, I wanted to knit in the worst way. I didn’t know any knitters, so I bought a book and some yarn and a pair of needles and set about teaching myself.

I didn’t do anything with my knitting back then. I don’t know if I ever completed anything, and I’m sure I never wore anything I made, but I learned. Sort of. Then I took a class and really learned how to knit.

I’m still knitting, all these many years later.

How do I find my projects?

Sometimes I wander into a knitting  store and look for a project to do. The trouble is, if I just find one and don’t have a real desire for it, I’m never really happy with it.

But sometimes I see a sweater in a magazine or on TV, and I get a burning desire to make it. Then, if I can find the pattern, think I have the chops and still believe it’s what I want, I’ll get the supplies, make it, and love the heck out of doing it.

If I know what I want to do, and I work to get whatever it is, I know I’m going to do it right. Even if it means ripping out and starting over a few times.

When I write, I’ve always just written what kind of leaked into my head. The characters that find their way in won’t leave until I write them out, so I do it.

This time, a whole crowd has leaked into my head. (Yes, it’s a little crowded in here.) I think it must be a Christian Women’s Fiction series. But how do I do it? Do I make them mysteries? Suspense? Paranormal (by adding angels)? Straight CWF?

Should I research to see what sells best? Or should I just write it, and find out what it is when everyone else does?

What’s the best way to decide what you want to do?




2 thoughts on “The Best Way

  1. Forget what sells best, unless you’re limiting it to the basics — good writing, good characters, lots of emotion. Write what speaks to you, and odds are, it’ll speak to someone else, too.

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