I B A Ghost….

Let me just jump right in and let you know, my dorm is haunted. Yep, at least that’s what the people who have lived there before tell us. Iba Hall at OSU is, supposedly, haunted. They, that is, the students living there, have taken to calling him Fred, though no one really knows why. As always, I was both skeptical and intrigued, so naturally, I spend a lot of time in the basement, which is his favorite place to act up.

The stories are typical; things moving on their own, eery sounds, chills running up students’ spines. The elevator doors open and close quickly for no reason, and the elevator goes to the basement for no reason about 4 times a day. Students find random things in random places, and the odd shadow will appear and disappear from in front of doors at all hours if you watch close enough.

Knowing the stories, and, being the Kt monster, I decided to take them with a grain of salt and see what happens. I was in the basement by my self doing laundry at 3:00 Pm on a sunday. There was no one else in the basement, as my boyfriend had gone up stairs to get his laundry. I sat my laundry basket up on the table across the room and went to check the elevator. I was standing in the only entrance or exit to the laundry room as Nathan came out of the elevator holding his laundry. When I turned back into the room my laundry basket was 3 yds away, on top of a washing machine. Score 1 for Fred.


7 thoughts on “I B A Ghost….

  1. SHIVER! I’m not wild about first hand scares. M & M brought some really spooky stories back from New Orleans once, and they loved it.
    I’m glad you enjoy it. How does the BF feel about Fred?

  2. KT,

    When the oven gets fixed at IBA and you start making meals you’ll have to leave some treats out for Fred, like we do for the Cherokee Little People.

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