Daring to be Light

Recently I was asked to write a paranormal romance. My deadline–September 15…2012. No problem, I thought when I accepted the offer. Paranormal Romance? That’s right in my wheel-house.  It’s no secret I love stories about things that go bump in the night. I had a tale in mind already, a novella I’d started a few years ago.

The problem?

Most paranormal romances are dark, very sensual, and often include werewolves, vampires, and shape-shifters.  The hero is typically an Alpha male who doesn’t live by anyone’s standards, except his own. And usually the h/h are caught in some life or death struggle.

My book is much lighter, a little quirky, and a tad comedic, something  along the lines of Hocus Pocus or Practical Magic.  It involves a haunted brothel, that’s right a haunted brothel and some spirited spirits playing matchmaker.

Marilyn and I have often talked about our desire to read more light paranormal romance. I’m taking a chance on this one, but I have to believe there’s a market out there for a story that’s fun, sweet, and leaves the reader stirred but not shaken, maybe even smiling.

And, oh yeah. Got any ideas for a title? I thought about  A Grave Scheme or Deadly Matchmaking.  PFFFT! If you’ve have a suggestion, I’d be happy to hear it.

11 thoughts on “Daring to be Light

  1. Til Death Did Us Part? Soul Mates?

    Any editor I’ve worked with will tell you I’m a lousy title person.

    Love the idea, though, and I can’t wait to read it. Lighthearted paranormal is waaay more my thing than the dark stuff!

  2. I like the premise, too. I’ll bet the story is really cute.
    Titles? Um, maybe Deadly Matchmakers (since it’s the spirits who are doing the matchmaking). I’ll have to sleep on it to come up with anything more.

  3. I’m with Marilyn. I’m so sick and tired of the dark, moody and angsty stuff out there. Life is dark and dreary enough, I want to escape into fun and light. We need an Aunt Agatha who has a good heart but casts spells that tend to go 90 degrees off somewhere, causing all sorts of ruckus.
    Good luck, Lynn! This sounds like a story I’d want to read!

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