Ever Felt Small?

ImageHave you ever felt small? Really, really small? The kind of small where someone could walk right past and not even notice you?

Maybe it’s the people in your world who just don’t seem to know you’re there. Or it’s a goal you’ve long since given up accomplishing because it seems there are so many others doing it already.

The writing life can be that way. The odds of an idea in a writer’s mind becoming a book in a reader’s hands are large enough to make even the most intrepid would-be author feel small. Tiny. Afraid to even try.

And yet if you don’t try who will write your story? Maybe it will be published. Maybe it won’t. Maybe the story you were meant to tell was created only for you. And maybe if you don’t write that story, no one will.

Feeling small? Not up to the task? Do it anyway. I guarantee someone will notice.

“Are not five sparrows sold for two pennies? Yet not one of them is forgotten by God.” Luke 12:6


One thought on “Ever Felt Small?

  1. Sometimes a project can be so intimidating. !00K words when you can’t get the first fifteen in the proper order. Are we determined or gluttons for punishment? 🙂

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