I spent 12 hrs writing this weekend. Heck. Yes. I wrote a new song for the band, and I’ve even gotten back to lyrics I had forgotten about. The point is, I feel pretty creative right now. I am also full of energy, not entirely unrelated to the redbull cans and granola bar wrappers in the trash can. Yeah…

I started working on some new novels yesterday, as well as contemplating some short stories. As all over the place as I am, here is what I’ve come up with. A pirate story, a fantasy, a postapocalyptic tale, and two supernatural works. I have characters out the wazoo, and have done some profiling for the most distinct ones. My distopian one is probably the furthest along. This is the one I mentioned at the begining of summer, that Nathan brainstormed with me.

The new song is almost complete, as soon as I put some words to it. Nathan called me out on the fact that it sounded too mellow for a KT Monster type song, and prompty kicked up the distortion. I’m making a metal head of him, slowly but surely. We are going to be talking with a possible bassist for the band this evening, maybe even listening to him play if we can. He’s a good cultural fit(he’s a little twisted and goofy), so we are eager to hear him play. Then all we need is a drummer…



2 thoughts on “Creativity

  1. Aw, what’s wrong with a little mellow now and then? 😉

    Good luck with the band. I’d love to hear you play/sing again. You’re so talented for a little monster.

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