Season Premier

This week is the kick off of the majority of the season’s new TV shows. Do you have a favorite? Or do you look for a totally new show that you’re hoping will be the next best thing since sliced bread because everything that’s on right now simply bores the heck out of you? Do you find yourself shutting down your WIP in order to watch the shows?

I have to admit, I have several shows that I follow. Monday night I watched the openers for Bones, Mike & Molly and Castle. They were great! No, I won’t tell what happened. Don’t want to spoil them for anyone if you didn’t get to watch. I’ll just say I wasn’t disappointed. Tonight, I’m looking forward to NCIS. I figure one of the main characters had to die at last season’s finale and I’m anxious to find out who it was. Whoever it is, I know I’ll be upset because I like all the characters.

Other shows I like are The Mentalist, , The Big Bang Theory, Grimm and Blue Bloods. Yes, I realize that’s at least one show for almost  every night of the week. I probably shouldn’t watch so much TV, but I’m already hooked so there’s no hope for me. *sigh*

Tell me, while you’re watching your favorite show, do you critique it as it goes along? What attracts you to the shows you enjoy watching? Is it the characters, the plot, the writing/storyline or the actors? If you were the head writer, what would you do with the show? Anything? Or do you see a show that is so-so right now that you’d love to get your creative little  hands on so you could make it shine? You can’t tell me you’ve never thought of doing that because I’m almost willing to bet money you have. 😉

Fess up. What draws you to the one-eyed monster that eats up so much of our writing time?


14 thoughts on “Season Premier

  1. I like Castle, too, but I LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Justified!!! The first season it was on, I didn’t tell Gary about it. (I was afraid I was only watching it for the eye candy.) But it has great suspense as well.
    I’ve never wanted to get my hands on any part of it, except the romance aspects. I could help them out just a little bit on that. The rest, I’m happily ignorant of. The main guy is HOT (Timothy Olyphant) and a federal marshal. I’m sure there’s a thousand things wrong with the plots, but what I don’t know doesn’t bother me. 😛
    I can’t wait for the next season to start!

  2. Crap. I just accidentally deleted my response here.

    I’ll skip relisting the shows I watch and go to my biggest problem with TV shows: the audio. Maybe it’s just me, but the background noise/music overwhelms the dialogue in so many shows, and there are so many actors who either mumble all the time or they clench their jaws when they talk. I can’t understand half what they’re saying. their way through the dialogue. We turn on closed-captioning sometimes when it gets really bad, but then I find myself reading instead of watching.

    I remember a time when proper enunciation was considered a core talent for an actor . . . sigh.

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