Busy Little B

Oh my the rush I’ve been in lately. Between homecoming preparation, clubs, music, exams, essays, and the occasional meal, I’ve managed to find time to write. What have I been writing? Well, here’s some teasers…

Anthas: The tale of a mythical world torn by war. Can the heroes, a marauding band of mercenaries, team up with their political adversaries to save their world?

The Game of Tides: A trio of pirate captains must out maneuver the royal navy and each other in a race to find a mysterious treasure. They will find more than gold and gems along the way; what they discover could change the game entirely.

The Guardians: A young woman discovers her families darkest secret, and must use it to defend everything she knows and loves. Can she join forces with unlikely allies and save her world?

The Immortals: decades after the world as we know it has been demolished by chemical warfare, a group of survivors set out to rescue anyone else who is left. Along the way, they run into bandits, monstrous creatures, killer plants, and the man who started it all. There is more than meets the eye for the rescuers too, and their secret is to die for.

There are a few of the many stories bubbling around in my head. let me know what you think!


4 thoughts on “Busy Little B

  1. My, my, my. Your mind does go places I never would’ve thought of myself. But then, it could be a generational thing, too. 😉

    Btw, I think it’s normal for a writer to have WAY more stories floating around in their heads than they’ll ever get written. Not that that makes us ‘normal’ by any stretch of the imagination. {snort}

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