Ever been to a potluck? Then you know it’s a fun opportunity to sample each lady’s best dish and trade recipes. Well that’s the idea behind Romance-the Spice of Life-An anthology of love in all its delicious manifestations. This book, written by six different authors, gives fans of Romance the chance to sample a variety of Romance genres: Suspense, Nostalgic, Inspirational, Paranormal, Historical, and Contemporary.

I’m thrilled to announce AWOC Publishing will release Romance-the Spice of Life in November!

Congratulations to my fellow contributors!

Shattered Promises by Linda Trout (Suspense)

Casanova Comes to Dinner by M. Carolyn Steele (Nostalgic)

Sips and Slices by Kathlyn Smith (Inspirational)

Getting it Right by Lynn Somerville (Paranormal)

Muskadine Love by Nita Beshear (Historical)

Family Feud by Gloria Teague (Contemporary)

And, finally, one more special congratulations to Kathlyn Smith. Sips and Slices is her debut novel. I’m so proud of you Kathlyn!

14 thoughts on “SOLD!!!!!!

  1. WOW! I’ve been hearing whispers of this anthology and now, seeing all the great talent involved, can hardly wait until it’s ready. Will it also be out in Kindle? Congrats to all! And a special congrats to Kathlyn for losing her “virginity”, so to speak.

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