It’s Not Nice to Fool Mother Nature

Remember that commercial for Chiffon Margarine?

If you don’t, you’re way younger than me, but we won’t discuss that.

Lately, I’ve been seeing some really eye-catching caterpillars around here. I can’t recall ever seeing them before: no more than an inch long, bright lime green with some orange accents on them. I even took some pictures (but naturally, I haven’t uploaded them to the computer yet). I’ve pretty much left them alone, though. That’s my policy on most critters, except copperheads, brown recluse spiders and red wasps. (Hey, killing copperheads is just common sense, and the spiders and wasps started it. Removing them from my universe is self-defense.)

So last night we came home from a delicious and entertaining dinner with the kids and the grandkiddo, and an empty pot had blown over in the driveway. In the dark, I picked it up (too cool at night lately to worry about copperheads) and set it upright, and immediately my hand started stinging. Once I got inside the garage, I found one of those pretty little caterpillars on my hand . . . which kept burning . . . and burning. I flung him off, scrubbed my hand with dish soap, and the burning continued. It took a good cleansing with alcohol and about fifteen minutes for the stinging to stop, and now I have red welts on my palm.

As far as I can tell from the photos I Googled, the little bugger is a Nason’s slug (though their spots are supposed to be red, and these are very definitely orange — I am the queen of all things orange).  (But apparently this guy didn’t know that.)

He’s a dead little bugger now.

It may not be nice to fool Mother Nature, but it’s dang sure not nice to fool with me. All stinging slugs, consider yourselves warned.


7 thoughts on “It’s Not Nice to Fool Mother Nature

  1. I saw a lime green catepillar on my mail box the other day. He was about 1″ long and, like you, I left him alone. I wonder if he’s a sting-y one or if only the one with orange spots stings.
    I hate sting-y critters.
    Sorry about your hand. Hope it’s better really soon.

    • The green color is really pretty, isn’t it? According to some of the sources I looked at, there’s a whole boatload of stinging ones, and some of them are plain green.

      After the welts went away, I now have a round bite-looking mark on my hand. Little snot.

  2. That just sucks, Marilyn! If I were you, I’d make Bob get out to move stuff out of the driveway from now on since those nasty critters seem to hunt you down wherever you go. Ugh. Sorry you were stung.

    • Thanks. You know, if it had been warmer, I wouldn’t have even considered picking up the dang pot since copperheads like our driveway and will curl inside or around things. I just never imagined a cute little crawly like that could hurt!

    • I so agree! The creepy stuff can live anywhere they want as long as it’s not in or around the house and office. That leaves them 20-some acres. Seems like a good deal to me. 😉

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