I can hear all of you now. “What did you buy this time?” You know me; I’m always looking for better and better writing tools. And the way technology changes, it can be hard to stay up.

I have an iPad. With the right apps, it can be as versatile as a laptop…only lighter. The main difference is the keyboard. The natural one that comes with the iPad is it’s too small for two-handed typing. As an author, I really need to be able to type as a consistent and steady speed. So I began looking for an alternative.

I found a Bluetooth board that also provides padding for my iPad, but the board is smaller than a regular keyboard and is missing several rarely used keys. The biggest hassle is there is only one shift key and the Quote/apostrophe key are in the wrong place. Needless to say, this isn’t convenient.

My newest toy is a different type Bluetooth. It’s keyboard is the size of an old-type typewriter like the one I learned to write oon. It also has an iPad shelf that is more secure than my old one. This keyboard can be folding up for convience on a desk, but it doesn’t fold well enough pack away for transporting. And there is nothing to protect the iPad.

Why does it matter? The older I get, the heavier the laptops seem to be. Besides, I really think just as typewriters gave way to computers, computers will give way to tablets. We’ll see. Meanwhile, I’ve tried out my new toy writing this blog. Except for an annoying tendency to double letters, it’s working great. We’ll see where we are after I’ve used it more. I may think this is the greatest thing since sliced bread.


3 thoughts on “A BRAND NEW TOY

  1. Jackie–
    I have a light keyboard. Took me awhile to get used to it. It doesn’t fit my iPad as I have a thick cover, so I found a plain black zippered case.
    You’re right about heavy lap tops!

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