Romancing the Spice

Terminally Curious here.

Did you read Lynn’s post yesterday? She used her blog day to let us know that their new book IS AVAILABLE! (Woohoo!)

I thought her commercial was great!

With everything happening in the publishing business these days, there’s little to no promotion from the publisher for new(ish) authors. If the authors don’t tell us about their great new books, how will we learn about them?

Romance The Spice of Life is series of novellas, written by a group of fantastic writers.

Click here to see it on Amazon.

Here’s what Amazon has to say about it–

 A collection unlike any other, readers will enjoy this compilation of six
diverse novellas; set in varying eras and situations, yet all have one thing in common: Romance.

Each author offers her own slant on affairs of the heart, with a twist. Romance readers should find something to satisfy any
appetite-suspense, historical, inspirational, paranormal, nostalgia or
contemporary, all delivered with a character-inspired recipe at the end.

Of course, I have a pile of questions I want to ask. How did they choose the authors? How long did it take to write it? Did one of them serve as editor? Are they going to have signings all together? How will they split the $$ at group signings?

Was there a boss author? A contract? Deadlines?

My questions go on and on, and since I don’t have answers, I won’t bore you with more of them. Maybe I can talk one or two or three of these writers into being interviewed so we’ll know all the answers.

How about it, ladies? Anybody want to spill the beans? (clears throat) fill us in?

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