World View

Over the last few weeks I’ve been reading and watching interviews about other writers on the topic of writing–specifically how their world view influences the content of their novels.  As a writer myself I know my particular world view sometimes slips into my work either in the words I choose, the decisions and actions my characters make, or by the reactions other characters have to those decisions and actions.

Two writers really got my attention, Piers Paul Read, in HELL AND OTHER DESTINATIONS, and Dean Koontz, interviewed on EWTN in October. What I found interesting about these two novelists is how much of their world view they and other writers decide to allow into their books. Some authors nearly club their readers over the head with their world view, while others are more subtle.  In either case, an author’s world view will wind up in their work since we’re human after all and simply cannot divorce our writing self from who we are as a person. And naturally some writers need to include their world view in their novels, especially those writing in Christian and Inspirational genres.

Now when I read novels written by other authors I find I wonder about their world view and look for the clues.

So as a reader how much of the author’s world view is acceptable and what puts you off. And as a writer, how conscious are you of your world view and when it’s creeping into your story?

3 thoughts on “World View

  1. There are always children in some way in my books, either as secondary characters or background. My world view can’t imagine life without kids.

  2. On one book I did years ago, NOT WITHOUT HONOR, one of the main issues in the story was US involvement in Central America. I got two letters within a few days of each other, one from a reader pleased that I agreed with her opinion that the US needed to be involved down there, the other from a reader happy that I agreed with her that the US had no right sticking their noses in down there.

    I think a lot of what I believe comes across in books, but a lot doesn’t. I’ve heard from readers who think I’m very conservative, very liberal, very religious, atheistic or agnostic, etc. Sometimes readers mistake characters’ world view for the author’s.

    As a reader . . . there are several bestselling authors who are so committed to promoting their opinions/beliefs, both in their personal lives and in their books, that I’ve given up reading them. It doesn’t matter whether I agree with them. I don’t like the heavy-handedness of it.

  3. I’ve never thought of it to tell you the truth. I suppose my world view does show up in my stories, simply because that’s who I am. But I don’t make a concious decision to brow beat my readers with a ’cause’ I want to promote. Actually, I just want everyone to enjoy my stories.

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