This is the time of year when there are a lot of traditions. First, there are the shared traditions we all share. Oh, I should mention I’ll be talking about Judeo-Christian traditions since they are the ones I grew up with. However, those of you with other traditions, I’d love to hear about them.

Now, some of the traditions we share as a culture are Santa Claus, Black Friday, Christmas trees, and the birth of the Christ Child. Then there are the family traditions not everyone has. For instance, my family always had a Christmas Eve open house with a birthday cake for Jesus.

But one of my absolute favorite Christmas traditions is the party I share with my fellow romance writers. We’re used to sharing our writing…the work, the rejections, and the triumphs. But the annual Christmas party is a time to eat, sharing our favorite foods and laughter.


Then we play Dirty Santa. Everyone brings a wrapped Christmas tree ornament. We draw numbers and, in order, we either pick a package or “steal” another ornament already unwrapped. The competition can be fierce; you can really learn who your true friends are!

This year we had a special celebration. Kathlyn Smith recently had her first book published. Her novella, Sips And Slices, was published in the anthology Romance:the Spice of Life. Other authors in the book are Linda Trout, M. Carolyn Steele, Lynn Somerfield, Nita Beshear, and Gloria Teague. Here she is with her First Book cake.


This year, instead of making something yummy, I got some special holiday cupcakes from a local bakery called, suitably, Kupcakez. Aren’t they pretty?


I think I just started a new tradition for myself!


3 thoughts on “TRADITIONS

  1. I had a fantastic time! But then, I always do when I’m around my writing sisters. I’m more upbeat and ready to tackle my current WIP. i.e. easier to live with, which my hubby GREATLY appreciates. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your pictures.

  2. I’m just glad you don’t have pictures from the first writers celebration I went to. I think it was a SARA anniversary party that Marilyn and I decorated for. (I don’t remember where that was, do you, Marilyn?) Anyway, there’s a picture of Marilyn and me somewhere (if I’m lucky, it’s been burned) where there’s a lot MORE of Marilyn, and a WHOLE LOT LESS of me. (We’ve kind of traded places.)
    To be very honest, I enjoyed this celebration a whole lot more than I did that first one. I wonder if there’s a message there? 🙂
    Probably not.

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