I’m going to piggyback Jackie’s post and talk about our party last Saturday. This was more than just a Christmas party…this was a gathering of kindred spirits. Women of like-minds who encourage and support each other.

We cry and hug if a tragedy befalls one of our families. We hold each other up if one of us receives a rejection.

We jump for joy when one of us receives a request from an editor or agent. And when one of us sells for the first time, we like to celebrate in style and eat cake. Here’s a picture of Kathlyn Smith holding her 1st Book cake with Lynn Somerville and myself beaming with joy. Co-Authors Linda, Kathlyn & Lynn All three of us have stories in the anthology, Romance – The Spice of Life published by DIVA, an imprint of AWOC.COM Publishing.

I should’ve gotten pictures of us playing dirty Santa…at least of Ashlynn Pearce scheming to get the beautiful handmade tree ornament that Jan Warren brought. Ashlynn wound up taking it home, too. (The little sneak!) 🙂

Here are Rhenna Morgan, Lynn Somerville & T.D. Hart deep in thought about a plotting issue, no doubt.

Holly, Lynn, Jen & Susan. Wonder what they're plotting.

Marion Grace and Susan Shay are always smiling.

Marion & Susan

I’m sorry I didn’t get a picture of everyone, but after an afternoon spent with these wonderful women, my well has been replenished and I can write again. I’ve cheered on my writing sisters and received the same from them. I’m so thankful to be a part of this talented circle of women, and I think each and everyone in the group would say the same.



10 thoughts on “Celebrations

  1. I don’t love parties, but parties with my writing pack are always the best time. My only regret is that Ash took that ornament home after stealing it from Susan who stole it from ME! {pout}

  2. I had a great time because I also got to steal from Marilyn. I just loved watching the tiny streams of steam that come out of her ears.

  3. My favorite thing about this group is the surprising understanding that comes with it. Like mindedness, I guess you’d call it.
    Whatever it is, I love every moment of it. There’s not a woman in this group that I don’t adore, and I’m so very thankful for it!
    Hearing these friends promise to pray for me and the things I hold important and even understand why I need those prayers is just wonderful. And when I remind them, “This is going on, please keep storming heaven,” they happily keep it up.
    And I need all the praying for I can get! 🙂
    Thanks Linda for reminding me about all the fun we had. I hope we can keep it happening for years and years (and books and books) to come!
    Susan the grinner.

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