A Little Christmas Carol Trivia

I’m going a different direction with my late blog and sharing a little Christmas carol trivia.

  1. What was the original title of the Little Drummer boy?  The Carol of the Drum
  2. What does the Little Drummer Boy have to do with the Sound of Music? The Sound of Music tells the story of the Trapp Family Singers escape from Austria during WWII. The Carol of the Drum was recorded by the Trapp Family Singers in 1955
  3. What Christmas carol has been recorded by nearly every singer, present and past, in dozens of languages including Gaelic? Silent Night
  4. What Christmas carol did Dr. Sheldon Cooper sing while playing Dungeons and Dragons? Good King Wenceslas
  5. Which popular carol is based on a melody composed by Felix Mendelssohn? Hark, the Herald Angels Sing
  6. Which carol was written during the Puritan era in England to help young English Catholics secretly learn how to practice their faith? Twelve Days of Christmas
  7. And speaking of Twelve Days of Christmas what does two turtle doves refer to? The Old and New Testaments
  8. And four calling birds? The Four Gospels
  9. What popular carol was written in 1857 for a Thanksgiving play? Jingle Bells
  10. What carol recalls the ancient pagan custom of singing door to door to drive away evil spirits? Here We Come A-Wassailing

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