This will be a short blog because my heart is too heavy. I know that Friday’s tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School affected us all. I am not just a mother and fellow human being, but spent 33 years caring for sick and injured children. While the rest of the world reels from the horror, those of us who deal with children and guns have an added pain. Have you any idea of the damage weapons of this power can do to small bodies? Trust me, it’s not an image you want in your head.

That said, I’m going to make a simple request. No finger pointing. No shrill demands. No offer of a quick solution to a complex problem. Just one simple fix.

Do whatever has to be done so our children are safe, no matter where they go.

Fix the gun laws so only responsible people have access. Improve the mental health facilities provide the services so badly needed. Forget politics. Forget agendas. Ignore fears, prejudices, and pre-conceptions. Just work together so that we never have to live with another school shooting.

Whatever it takes…work together and fix the problem.

No more dead children…please.


8 thoughts on “A SIMPLE REQUEST

  1. Amen, sweet sister. Make the children safe, whatever it takes. My dad suggested today at lunch putting steel doors on class rooms. My BIL (who’s in school administration) asked, “Who’s going to pay for it?”
    We are. We should. We will.
    And in my opinion, I think there should be a panic button in every class room that dials 911. Small steps, but protection for those kiddos until the real problems can be corrected.

  2. I watched several discussions with various senators, government officials, teachers’ and security groups. When the mention of an armed guard/police officer in every school came up, someone responded, “Do we really want to send our young children to school with armed guards?”

    No, we don’t. We want schools to be the safe places they were when we were kids.

    But what we want and what we need are vastly different. Locked doors, bulletproof glass, armed guards . . . . we need to do whatever it takes to keep them safe.

    Here’s a staggering statistic: this year, since Thanksgiving, Americans have bought an additional 260,000-plus guns.

    • Just since Thanksgiving, Marilyn? Wow.
      Do you think part of that is the fear that the government will decide to stop gun sales?
      I’m asking for a stun gun from Santa. 😉
      Ps: Hey, M. Do you know if I have to get zapped to have a stun gun permit?

      • You don’t have to have a permit that I know of, and nope, you don’t have to get zapped. But with a stun gun, you do have to be close enough to the person to make physical contact. I’d rather have pepper spray myself. As long as you stay upwind, you can keep some distance between you and him.

    • Wouldn’t we all? But that’s not the reality of the world today. The same day as the Connecticut shooting, a boy was arrested in Bartlesville for planning a similar action at his school. Today a boy was arrested in Wagoner County for getting a gun and threatening that he was going to kill everyone who’d done him wrong. Today a kid was arrested in OKC with a bagful of weapons at schools — no guns, but still . . . Also today a 14-year-old boy was arrested for shooting and killing an out-of-state woman visiting in Jenks. And a gun store in OKC sold a dozen assault rifles. Just today.

      At this point, a fortress may well be the only safe environment for kids.

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