Sunrise, Sunset

Not much news going on here. I finished my final step on A HERO TO COME HOME TO — the page proofs — and am now concentrating on the next Harlequin book. It’ll be out next Agust — that gives me books in April, June and August — and it just got titled last week: COPPER LAKE ENCOUNTER. I’m putting my words into the book, so I don’t have much to say here today. Instead I decided to share a picture from my last walk.

December 2012 066


4 thoughts on “Sunrise, Sunset

    • Thank you! I must have had Chance. He’s the onlly one who doesn’t try to drag me down the road. The others only stop when they’re investigating markings from other animals. 🙂

    • Watch out, Jackie. I’ll take you up on that! It requires strong hands and the ability to really dig in your heels, plus good balance. I’ve always wished I could roller skate or somehow hook them up to an untippable wheelchair and take a ride. 🙂

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