Christmas Day

It’s Christmas! (In case some of you might have missed the date. hehe)

I was MIA last week. Sorry about that, but hubby and I were in Nashville celebrating our anniversary. We stayed at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel. VERY impressive. And huge! The below picture is just one small part of the hotel.


Of course they were decked out for the holidays, with lights and decorations hanging from the ceiling and Christmas trees everywhere. Check out that roof line. Wow.


I sincerely appreciate the effort it took to wrap the outside trees and shrubs in lights.


Despite all the hustle and bustle, I haven’t forgotten the reason for the season. Neither did Opryland.

The one thing that impressed me the most was the nativity scene out front. Here are some pictures taken during the evening.



Here’s a shot during the day.


They also had an audio telling of the birth of Jesus.

It was a great trip and we had terrific weather the entire time. Today? Um, not so much.

Depending on what the roads look like, we may or may not be spending the day with family. 😦  If you have to travel, be extra cautious and stay safe. We care about you.

Merry Christmas, everyone!!


6 thoughts on “Christmas Day

    • It was beautiful. And TY for the congrats. Guess we’ve both been too stubborn to give up…that’s why we’ve lasted so long. πŸ˜‰

    I love the nativity scene. I’d love to have a big one like that for my yard. And I want a humongous lighted sign on the rock wall in front of my house that says, “Jesus! The Reason for The Season.”
    Wonder if I could do that with rope lights? πŸ™‚
    Thanks for sharing. You done good.

    • I can’t take credit for the picture taking…my hubby is the shutter bug. But he has a good eye and gets some good pictures. I just handed my camera over to him and let him go ‘play.’ πŸ˜‰

      I bet you could make that sign out of rope lights. Give it a shot next year and see how it turns out.

    • Stubborn. That’s the word all right! Too stubborn to give up, hence the fact we’ve been together now for 41 years. (Egads that sounds long! LOL)

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