Vanishing Act

No, I’m not lost or leaving. Nor do I plan to. What’s vanishing are all of my “brilliant” ideas for a blog. *sigh* It’s rather strange how Susan blogged about this only days ago when I’d already come up with this idea for today’s blog. Great minds think alike, I suppose. Hmm. We could have ESP. OR we’re both just weird? 😉

Some people find it relatively easy to blog about different subjects/topics on a regular basis. I applaud them! And truth be told, envy them. Me? I figure my everyday life is pretty mundane so you’d be bored spitless reading about it. Hence, my absence.

In a nutshell, I’ve been hauling wood to the house to feed the stove to keep warm. (Last week.) Yesterday, I found as much to do outdoors as I could, enjoying the 70 degree weather. I had my teeth cleaned, ate lunch with a couple of dear writing friends, and later, walked the dogs. See? Boring. Oh, yeah. I’ve been working on edits, too. (Major activity there!)

I’ve been contemplating the effectiveness of blogging in the whole scheme of the social media thing. What does and does not work for a writer and why. Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Blogging. There are other ‘new’ avenues popping up all the time that a person can pursue. But where do you draw the line? When do you get any writing done? You can social media all of your time away. (Personally, facebook is a BIG time-suck for me.)

Is there a solution? Short of having your own personal publicist doing all the social media thing, I doubt it. Since I can’t afford one, I reckon I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Hidden out of sight.



Winter bird in the snow

Winter bird in the snow (Photo credit: blmiers2)

Have you noticed that bloggers tend to fade out this time of year? (I know I titled this blog WIPE OUT, not fade out. But fade out just isn’t as jazzy, is it?

Anyway, do you know why bloggers disappear?

I. Don’t. But I need my entertainment, so lets figure it out. 😉

I have a few guesses.

  1. EVERYONE is busy. Covered up. Working fingers to the bone. No time to stop and blog.
  2. It fell through the cracks.
  3. The winter doldrums.
  4. Everyone snuck off and went to Fuji.
  5. Got nothing to blog about.

I can’t help with #1. I have my own work I’m trying to get out of. 🙂 If you’re a scheduler (I’m not) you might write it in your day planner and treat it like part of your job.

#2– A problem with crack(s). I have a couple of suggestions for that.

  • Set up a reminder on your phone.
  • Send yourself an email.
  • Write it on your calendar.
  • Set up a Yahoo reminder.
  • Ask your mama to remind you. Or better yet, your little sister. They love to tell big sisters what to do. 😉

#3– Winter doldrums.

  • We’ve had a lot of warmish days this winter. When one hits (we should have a few this week) get out and let that sunshine hit your skin. Walk. Grin, even when you don’t want to.
  • Go to a movie. Or better yet, treat it like a prescription and go to one movie a day for a week, and go whether there are movies you want to see or not. Then write a review about what did and didn’t work for you. The review will keep you from falling asleep AND you’ll have something to post on your blog. 😉
  • Change your schedule. However you do things, make it different.
  • Dredge up something you’ve always wanted to do  or used to want to do (Photography? Jewelry making? Fortune telling? Rocket surgery? Gold panning?) and S-T-A-R-T! Just do it.

#4– Gone to Fuji?

  • Find a wifi hot spot and blog about the place. 🙂
  • Buy an air card and take it with you.
  • Write your blogs before you go and set them up to publish while you’re gone.
  • Bribe someone to blog for you.

#5–Got nothing to blog about?

  • Keep a list. Every now and then when I’m out and about, it’ll hit me–I could blog about this. If I write it down, I might remember it. 🙂
  • Expand your world. Do something. You’ll have something to write about.
  • Expand your BLOG world. We don’t only blog about writing here, and you don’t have to only write about whatever your blog topic is. If it’s a recipe blog, you can expand to write about the tools you use or the people you invite to test it. If it’s a photo blog, talk about the problems and surprise successes you have.

So there you have it. My suggestions to get you blogging again and keep me entertained.

Have any suggestions for finding something different to blog about? Share! Have a problem finding your blog? Might be able to help with that, too.


My kids got me a book with that title because I have a welcome mat with that saying on it.I thought I’d share some of the other great things in the book. Most of them cover a single thought, action, or emotion…but in such charming ways.

INACTION: You’ll sit a long time with your mouth open before a roasted chicken flies in.

OPPORTUNITY: When life gives you scraps, make a quilt.

IMPOSSIBLE TASK: You can’t make chicken salad out of chicken feathers.

FACING REALITY: If your cat had kittens in the doghouse, would that make them puppies?

CRITICISM: Don’t insult the alligator ’til you’ve crossed the creek.

WEALTH: He’s so rich, he buys a new boat every time his old one gets wet.

POVERTY: I’m so poor, I had to fry up my nest egg.

CHILLING OUT: I feel so lazy on weekends that I have to speed up to stop.

And with that, I.m gonna speed up and stop!

Oh, So Pinteresting!

Do you Pinterest? If you’re a writers, you really should. 😉

I know all the reasons not to–it’s a big time suck. (Yep!) It’s just one more thing I have to do. (Yep, yep.) I don’t have time. (Ain’t that the truth?) Why bother when I have so many other things that keep me busy?


Okay, my mama told me life isn’t just about having fun, but why not have fun when you can? Here’s the deal. The ‘Net is full of all these wonderful blogs and super ideas, and we can never see them all. Right?

When you Pinterest, it’s like everyone went out looking at the things they look at and pinning the things that sparkle for them. Many times, they sparkle for me, too, but I wouldn’t have seen them.

Via Pinterest, I can go to them and see that sparkle, too. IT’S SO COOL! And it’s not just seeing things that sparkle, it’s craft ideas, vacation ideas, how-tos, recipes, and on and on and on.

For anybody who hasn’t been Pinterested in the past, you create boards and Pin things to them. Some of my boards are: DESTINATION GET THERE (those are places I want to go) HEART ART (heart shaped things. I need one that’s stars, but haven’t gone there, yet.) KNITTING GOODIES, PHOTOGRAPHY, FAVORITE PLACES AND SPACES (that’s stuff for my house and yard.) I have several other boards, too. 🙂

I follow lots of people’s boards I’ve never met, and lots of people’s boards I have. Want to know something funny? You can tell a lot about a person by what they pin.

One woman I follow is probably a fantastic cook, because more than half of her boards are for recipes. And she’s probably very organized because she has one for cakes, one for casseroles, one for pies, one for salads.


Another woman I follow has kids at the marrying age and kids who are having grandbabies for her, because she’s pinning tons of things for both.


And you can learn a lot about your friends. I follow one friend from college who loves gardening, loves gifting, enjoys being organized and adores her family and home. What I like best is that her sense of humor is as fantastic now as it was all those years ago. (Maybe even better.)

152066924888003690_d7Ox3yZe_bYou’ll know when your friends have new interests.

118993615124197906_XW9GtTAy_bBelieve me, it’s obvious!


So why should a writer join Pinterest? You get to see a side of people they might normally try to keep hidden. If all their boards are, “Gimme” boards (I want this diamond, I want that expensive car, I want that ginormous house) they might be a tad self-centered or selfish.

If they have things scattered all over and the same board with different names in several places (like me. Oy!) they might be a little disorganized.

If you Pinterest (or even if you don’t) check it out. See what you can tell about the people you know by their boards. 🙂

If you Pinterest, share your favorite boards with us. Let us see what we can tell about you. 😉





Yesterday was the monthly luncheon for Smart Women Who Write. It’s not an official club; just writers who are friends. We write in different genres and are at various levels of publication, but we have one thing in common. We love writing.

All of us have lives that include families, friends, and, in some cases, jobs. When the people around us know that we’re writers, they are impressed and usually supportive. But they really don’t understand all aspects of writing. Just as I could walk into ANY pediatric unit in the country and immediately be able to understand how each nurse’s shift is going.

But another writer is the only one who truly the anguish of plot holes and the terror of facing the blank page. Writing is a very solitary job. For long periods, the author spends endless batches of time, locked in combat with characters, dialogue, and deadlines. There’s no meeting at the local pub with co-workers. There are no Monday morning staff meetings to fire up enthusiasm for the coming week. There’s no Employee of the Month. So I really NEED my monthly meeting and, due to a flat tire, I missed my fix!

Curse you, Phantom Tire Villain!

The Becauses

Is it still the new year or did this one roll back to the old one again?

I don’t know if it happens to anyone else or not, but it seems I start each year out gang-busters. Resolutions out the wazoo. Golden Goals. Great ideas. A burst of energy like my hair’s on fire.

That energy lasts about a day-and-a-half. Two, sometimes. Years I’m really determined, my hair might smolder for all of two weeks. Then?

Pfffffft. Like a tire with a nail in it, my resolutions slowly deflate. My Golden Goals lose their glimmer and become so much w-o-r-k.

In other words, I’ve rolled back to the previous year.

Some days when I get out of bed, I want to make a bonfire out of them and dance. Some days I just stare at them and wonder, “What possessed me to write THAT?” Of course, other days I think, “Yeah, I can do that.”

Having gone through this for more years than I’m ready to talk about here, I’ve learned how to handle it. A little.

First, I get my husband to hide all the matches in the house for the first couple of months of the year. (I can always toss them in the fireplace if I get the yen real bad.) When I do go on a match-hunt, I try to remember WHY I set those goals.

The Becauses.

I have a life goal. What’s a life goal? It’s a goal that I’ve never wanted to burn, that goes with me from day to day, month to month, year to year. Something I’ve wanted most of my life.

Life Goal–


So one of my this year goals is–FIND A PLOTTING SYSTEM THAT WORKS FOR ME–

The Because. “In order to TOUCH & INSPIRE, I have to get through my books sagging middles, and to do that I must learn a better way to plot.

Now I just have to figure an organized, logical way to do it. (Organized and logical, I’m not! Thus, the struggle.)

So how about it? Are you bonfire building or are your goals and resolutions still going strong? Do you remember The Becauses?