Okay I know I should be serious here. I mean there are so many monumental things to consider right now–fiscal cliffs to teeter, stock prices to weep over and New Year’s Resolutions to stress about.  My number one resolution this year is to find at least one thing a day  that makes me smile or laugh and then share it with others.  So…

True Story: Have you ever gotten the giggles at the most inappropriate time, like at a funeral?  Well, last Sunday in church we sang The First Noel, only in the hymnal it appeared as The First Nowell. Yep, that’s right there was a major typo: NOWELL! Our suppressed laughter shook the entire pew!

Happy New Year  🙂

2 thoughts on “Seriously?

  1. That’s a great resolution! My resolution is to not only see some new beginnings, but also to see endings to go along with them.

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