Inventory Glory

Today is the 5th of January. The fifth day of a brand new year!

I had to go check my calendar just now to make sure I was right. I am, this time. I’m not making any promises about later.  🙂

So we have a whole new year, a crisp and clean page on which to write anything we want. Now is a great time to take inventory.


If you’re like me and have worked your share of retail, that word puts dread in your heart. That’s so much work. That’s so boring. That’s a pain, pain, pain.


Yep. All those whines are true. It can be hard and boring and a pain, pain, pain. But it can be exciting. Not just for writers, either. Knitters, jewelry makers, quilters, counted cross-stitchers, whatever you do, this is a wonderful time to take inventory.

  • Are you writing what you like and liking what you write?

I can tell when I’m working at the wrong stuff by the feeling I get in my stomach. If I have to force myself to the keyboard or I have to make myself pick up my knitting needles. It might be time to set aside the project you’re on and start a new one. Especially if it’s one you’ve worked and reworked until it’s ragged.

BTW: Your mama was wrong. Just because you started something, you don’t have to finish it.

  • What do you have in stock?

Nearly ever writer/knitter/cross-stitcher I know who’s being doing what she  for a few years has something they started but never got around to finishing. Now might be a great time to take out something you started a while back, brush it off and give it new life.

  • What do you need to get rid of?

Put trash where it belongs. I’m talking about old dislikes and pre-conditioned responses. Everybody changes. You might like genres AND people you never liked before. Give it a chance. You might add a new facet to your life.

  • What do you need?

Everyone needs to fill the well now and then. What is it you need? A class? A trip someplace you’ve never been? Something new?

How about a play date? Do something you’ve never taken time to do (or haven’t done in a long time.)  Take an afternoon off and spend it wandering. No schedule. Nothing to get done. Just a lazy afternoon, floating on the current of life.

Like my mama used to say, sally forth. You never know what’ll happen and your heart might start to shine again!

What does your inventory sheet look like?




2 thoughts on “Inventory Glory

  1. Good post, Susan. Nice way to make us stop and think about where we want to go from here, what we want to do. So did you take inventory? What did you come up with? (Hey, you opened that can of worms. LOL)

  2. I did that a couple of years ago, Linda. That’s when I decided to switch genres. (I’m about to ship out the last of the before work and hitting it hard on the new.)
    I got rid of a few old manuscripts that’ll never be used.
    And I know a lot of things I need.
    1- Someone to teach me to write a great long synopsis.
    2- A great plotting system that works for me.
    3- Organization that doesn’t confuse me.
    4- Blinders to the internet when I’m working.

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