Winter bird in the snow

Winter bird in the snow (Photo credit: blmiers2)

Have you noticed that bloggers tend to fade out this time of year? (I know I titled this blog WIPE OUT, not fade out. But fade out just isn’t as jazzy, is it?

Anyway, do you know why bloggers disappear?

I. Don’t. But I need my entertainment, so lets figure it out. 😉

I have a few guesses.

  1. EVERYONE is busy. Covered up. Working fingers to the bone. No time to stop and blog.
  2. It fell through the cracks.
  3. The winter doldrums.
  4. Everyone snuck off and went to Fuji.
  5. Got nothing to blog about.

I can’t help with #1. I have my own work I’m trying to get out of. 🙂 If you’re a scheduler (I’m not) you might write it in your day planner and treat it like part of your job.

#2– A problem with crack(s). I have a couple of suggestions for that.

  • Set up a reminder on your phone.
  • Send yourself an email.
  • Write it on your calendar.
  • Set up a Yahoo reminder.
  • Ask your mama to remind you. Or better yet, your little sister. They love to tell big sisters what to do. 😉

#3– Winter doldrums.

  • We’ve had a lot of warmish days this winter. When one hits (we should have a few this week) get out and let that sunshine hit your skin. Walk. Grin, even when you don’t want to.
  • Go to a movie. Or better yet, treat it like a prescription and go to one movie a day for a week, and go whether there are movies you want to see or not. Then write a review about what did and didn’t work for you. The review will keep you from falling asleep AND you’ll have something to post on your blog. 😉
  • Change your schedule. However you do things, make it different.
  • Dredge up something you’ve always wanted to do  or used to want to do (Photography? Jewelry making? Fortune telling? Rocket surgery? Gold panning?) and S-T-A-R-T! Just do it.

#4– Gone to Fuji?

  • Find a wifi hot spot and blog about the place. 🙂
  • Buy an air card and take it with you.
  • Write your blogs before you go and set them up to publish while you’re gone.
  • Bribe someone to blog for you.

#5–Got nothing to blog about?

  • Keep a list. Every now and then when I’m out and about, it’ll hit me–I could blog about this. If I write it down, I might remember it. 🙂
  • Expand your world. Do something. You’ll have something to write about.
  • Expand your BLOG world. We don’t only blog about writing here, and you don’t have to only write about whatever your blog topic is. If it’s a recipe blog, you can expand to write about the tools you use or the people you invite to test it. If it’s a photo blog, talk about the problems and surprise successes you have.

So there you have it. My suggestions to get you blogging again and keep me entertained.

Have any suggestions for finding something different to blog about? Share! Have a problem finding your blog? Might be able to help with that, too.