Just going to ramble today because I’m in the middle of getting my first book up on Amazon and several things have come to mind.

The first thing is fear. Oh, yeah, I was scared the first time I submitted a manuscript to a publisher, but I was still walking on a path that others have been walking for years. This new road is still relatively rocky with unknown pitfalls and a constantly shifting landscape. You never know from day to day what’s normal.

Another concern is technology. Now, I’m pretty good on a computer when it comes to word processing, But I have the disadvantage of NOT being born in the Computer Age. Younger writers who were into computers in school have the technology hardwired into their brains. Us old dinosaurs (a term I’ve heard older writers use) find it more difficult to adjust to the rapidly changing technology universe.

And I have one problem that may be totally personal. All my life I’ve been a reader. And I was a reader way longer than I’ve been a writer. I can remember many occasions when I had to stop reading in order to do something else…work, kids, school…heck, even sleep. Now that I’m retired, it’s wonderful to have opportunity to just sit and read, book after book. There have been nights when I read through to morning just because I could. And this has seriously interfered with my new career.

So I guess my next random thought had better be to get back on track. Hopefully, my next blog will have good news on the Kindle front.



  1. I took that frightening leap with SCARY MONDAYS. I was so excited this week to get my 1099 for Amazon. That makes it all worth it. Let us know when its available.

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