To Blog or Not to Blog–That Really Isn’t the Question

I’m piggybacking on Susan and Linda’s blogs this week.  I’ve been terrible about blogging on a regular schedule. In part because I’ve been struggling with how to best use my limited writing time. Writers are told we have to self-promote, meaning we have to blog, tweet, Facebook…etc. etc. etc. Naturally the question arises–about what? Writing? That’s interesting to other writers, but fans don’t get that jazzed about blogs that drone on about the  dangers of passive voice or telling vs. showing.  So if not writing, then the weather? Favorite recipes? How I spent my summer vacation? How adorable my grandkids are? (and BTW, mine are the cutest!)

Then I ran across an article on Writer’s Digest. I’ve probably read dozens of similar articles, yet for some reason this time the message finally resonated  The issue isn’t whether or  we what we post, it’s how we use the posts to build an audience for what we write. (Well, duh, Lynn! )Its all about Branding, aka building an Author Platform. According to Chuck Sambuchino, author of Create Your Writer Platform, Author Platform is your individual ability to sell books by way of your visibility as an author. Posting on Facebook or Twitter, or blogging are only some elements of building a successful platform.

The trick is to find what works for you, what reaches your audience. Don’t try to do it all,instead be selective. Be willing to try, fail, try something else until you find your “happy place.”

To learn more check out or buy the book at

And no, I don’t know Chuck and I have no financial interest in Writer’s Digest 🙂  But I did find this information helpful. Now will someone please smack me up side the head?

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