Weird Writers?

Who says writers are weird?

I’ve heard this before, and I guess it’s true to an extent. After all, who else have complete ‘other’ worlds living in their heads? We have imaginary friends who we talk to, laugh and cry with and are closer to than our own families. Our stories complete us.

But we aren’t all that weird. Not really.

Yesterday, my dentist’s assistant told me that after reading my book, she would’ve never thought I could come up with something like that. She looked at me as if trying to see inside me and where that ‘dark place’ is and who the real Linda Trout is. (evil laugh)

She compared me and another of their patients who writes paranormal (and is highly published) to some of their ‘normal’ patients. One lady who they thought was nice and calm, suddenly and during the procedure, came unglued. I had a feeling they had a hard time getting her to settle down so they could finish their work.

Whereas, on the outside, their two patients who write appear very calm and quiet. (Does she mean nice?) I suppose that’s why she’s so surprised at the stories we produce and wonders where the ideas come from. Especially the paranormal writer who creates these other wordly worlds.

I think this just goes to show how little we know about those around us. A very reserved businessperson, a gentle pre-school teacher, clergy; you name the profession and I’ll show you a writer who can knock your socks off with their stories.

I suppose the unsuspecting public should beware. There’s a writer lurking on every street corner, just waiting for the inspiration for their next book. It could be you, you know.

The next time someone calls you weird, simply smile and let them wonder. We all know WE’RE the sane ones. Right? 😉



6 thoughts on “Weird Writers?

    • Yeah, putting our weird down on paper is theraputic so we don’t have to live it. Which makes us better adjusted and more well-rounded individuals. Yeppers. I’m just going to say we’re all well-rounded and let everyone else try to figure out what I mean. LOL

  1. I agree with Susan. I think you have to be a little weird, okay a lot weird, to be an author. In high school, KT had classmates who would ask, “What does your mother do?” KT would reply, “She’s writer.” And they’d respond, “Well, that explains everything.” LOL!

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