Everyone knows I’m the worst blogger in the world. There are days when discovering a blog topic is worse than a root canal job…one that goes wrong. So today I was cruising the Internet, looking for a topic when I saw a recommendation for getting on a soap box about an issue close to your heart. And since I have several, you’re getting a bargain today.

Would someone tell me what the big deal is about cleaning your furniture every week? In the first place, you have to convert all your notes in the dust to paper. And all that wiping wears out the surfaces. Before you know it, you know it, you’re replacing your furniture every ten years or so.

Recently, I saw a video from the Audi company. They’ve invented a car that will let you off, find its own parking space, park and, then reverse the procedure when you’re ready to leave. Big deal! When you have a car that will do all those pesky chores I have to do every week, then come talk to me.

And another gripe… In 1967, I had a paper dress. I’m not kidding! It only cost about $20, was washable, and was a great looking A-line.I loved that dress, but after several washings,it gave up the ghost. The point is at that the time, the manfacturers were predicting that their technology would some day provide disposable clothing that would cost less and be recyable. Those of you who have ever done laundry or ironing see where I’m going with this rant. What’s taking so long with our freedom from the laundry room?

So, what are a few of your rants?


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