Great News!

Marilyn Pappano has a new book, available April 1, 2013. It’s called Copper Lake Confidential and should be available everywhere Harlequin is sold. You can also buy it on Amazon.


I’m not telling you about Marilyn’s book because she’s a warm and caring friend. (She is!)

I’m not telling you about her book because Marilyn has helped me and many of my fellow Smart Women writers so much. (She has!)

I’m not telling you about her book because Marilyn is a ton of fun and a joy to travel with. (That, too!)

I’m telling you because it’s an excellent book (out of five stars, I give it at least a ten!) and I wouldn’t want anyone who enjoys romance or suspense to miss it.

Why, you ask, is it so good? Glad you asked!


Marilyn always writes wonderful characters, but this time there are a couple of them that step off the page to live in your memory as well as your heart. The first is a three-year-old little girl.

As I said, M always does a fantastic job with her characters, but this little girl is real. Her actions and responses so honest-to-goodness, you’d swear you’d seen her just a few moments ago. M just might have done some hands-on research for Clary. (Don’t you love, love, love that name?)

The second is a dog. He’s smart, cute, mischievous, and not unlike some of the critters who live and have lived in Marilyn’s home. He acts like a real dog–one I think Molly would enjoy having as a brother. 🙂

Of course, I have several questions I want to ask Marilyn about her book. Her research. Her life growing up and how she knows everything about the rich and infamous. 😉

I’m nearing the end of CLC. Usually, when I read a suspense, I can tell who antagonist is long before this point.  But not in her book. She has me suspecting everyone of being the bad guy except Clary and Scooter the dog.


And I’m not absolutely positive about the dog. LOL.

Just like her other Copper Lake books, Marilyn has me wishing I could move to CL just to live near the people there. Fingers crossed this series will go on For! Ev! Ver!

BTW: I’m 9/10 finished with this book, and while the heroine and hero want to be together, so far it’s G-Rated. (That’s a hot with sexual tension, absolutely nothing explicit G-Rating, which ain’t easy to do, folks.)

Copper Lake Confidential will be available in print and digitally on April 1st, but only for a few weeks in print. Don’t miss out!

Ps: Buy your books new. When you buy them used, the author doesn’t get paid.


4 thoughts on “Great News!

  1. Oo-oo, Susan, (I’m jumping up and down, waving my hands.) I know the answer to the question: Who did it?

    But I’m not telling. 😉 I will tell you that the ending blew me away, though. LOVED the book! Marilyn (as always) did a fantastic job.

    In case anyone wants to know how we’ve already read the book when it doesn’t release until the 1st, it’s called being good friends with the author and she has advance reader copies. Susan, I think we’re SO blessed to have Marilyn Pappano as a friend! Don’t you?

  2. Susan, thanks so much for the blog!! I appreciate it more than I can say. I had fun with the book — who knew I loved a nerd hero? I’m glad you liked Clary and Scooter. My puppers are becoming some of my favorite characters. The book I just finished has a huge black mutt named Frank (who bears a strong resemblance to Shadow).

    Linda, thank you, too. I connect with Macy in a lot of ways (though not the richer than sin part, unfortunately!), so she and the book are my new babies. I want everyone to think they’re adorable.

    I am very blessed to have you guys in my life as well.

    Have a happy Easter!

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