Humor vs Suspense

I got my hair cut the other day and, as usual, was talking to my hair dresser about my books and writing in general. She asked if I’d ever written anything that was funny.

What? Me funny?

I don’t think of myself as funny. In fact, I think of myself as rather stilted and flat. But come to think of it, I do like to make people laugh and feel good about themselves. And when I worked at the day job, I’d send instant messages and emails with snarky tones in them to my friends.

The problem is, when I sit down to write blogs, I automatically turn into business mode. You know what I’m talking about…dry, rather boring. So, if I do decide to try and write funny, do you have any suggestions for me? Any helpful hints to turn off that ‘boring the peewaddings out of the readers’ mode that I seem to slip into so very, very well?

Although, I have used that aspect of myself to draw on the suspenseful and mysterious side that continues to lurk within me. That little critter can’t be muzzled (apparently) because no matter what I try to write, a bad guy always shows up. Maybe I could write about a bad guy who’s also a comic and uses his constant joking to throw the police off the track. Definitely something to consider. Probably been done to death a thousand times, though. *sigh*

I suppose I need to simply relax and let the ‘inner’ me out to play. Hmm. Play. Maybe that’s the problem…I think of this as work. Granted its work I enjoy, but work all the same. Now if I could just get that ‘goof off’ meter working, and still crank out the words, I’d be fine. What do you think? 😉


2 thoughts on “Humor vs Suspense

  1. I love humorous fiction, Linda. I think you’d be great at it.
    I imagine that there’s nothing harder than trying to write something that isn’t you. I think the thing to do is to just have fun when you write.
    If it’s not fun, why do it? So relax, kick back and just write. See what comes out. If it’s a bad guy, go for it. If it’s a funny bad guy, so much the better. 🙂

    • I’ll have to give it a shot. Maybe just a short story to begin with and see how I do with that. A funny bad guy. Yeah, that might work. Thanks! 🙂

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