This has been a very busy weekend for me…what I call my “writers’ weekend”. On Friday night, I meet with the Oklahoma Science Fiction Writers group. About half of these people are/or were old friends I knew back in the days when I was very active in SF conventions. Lately, I’ve re-gained my love for SF and met the rest of the group. No doubt among this group is our generation’s next Robert Heinlein. After about an half hour of gossiping about general happenings in the SF/Fantasy world and noshing, we critiqued one of our writers.

Then on Saturday, I met with my romance writing friends. I’ve known most them for more years than any of us want to admit. We shared a potluck lunch and gossiped about general things in the romance world. One of the things we discussed is doing an anthology for charity with me as the editor. And this one thing connected both of my groups since I once edited a ST/SF fanzine. Then we helped one of our members restructure her first chapter.

Sunday, I met with my “soul” group. We’ve been friends over 30 years, and though they aren’t actively writing now, they were the people who read my first efforts and supported my dreams. We shared brunch and figured out how to fix the world. They also connect with my other two groups because my earliest writings were ST short stories and, while none of them really reads romance, they believe in me.

When I got home,I had a text session with my oldest friend. We used to play four deck Canasta, drink ice tea in the original 32 ounce glasses, and cheated on Latin homework. When I admitted I still wasn’t writing as much as I should be, she reminded me of my FIRST short story, written back in high school English. OMG! That old chestnut!? We couldn’t share food, but I was nibbling on chips. And she gave me some possible story ideas (like I need more!).

Didn’t I have great weekend? Friends, food, and writing. So what do you think of a story about a bunny becoming friends with a baby dinosaur?



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