Writing Conferences – The Ups and Downs

I’ve been extremely quiet lately. There’s a reason. I attended the Oklahoma Writers Federation, Inc’s (OWFI) conference May 3-5 in Norman, OK. Wow. What a rush! Not only did I meet with my first line editor, but also the co-founder and editor-in-chief of The Wild Rose Press. I hung out with them on Friday night after the Famous Author’s Banquet during a Buzz Session.

Oh! Speaking of the banquet, I hit the ‘big screen’ by announcing the publication of my books last year, GRAVE SECRETS and ROMANCE-THE SPICE OF LIFE. DSCN0670_706

DSCN0673_709I wasn’t alone, by all means! Lots of OWFI members had books released last year. Our pictures were displayed along with the book cover and a short blurb about the story. Each author stood when their name was called by Alaska Yup’ik Storyteller Jack Dalton. Then we waved (enthusiastically, I might add) as the audience cheered us on. DSCN0674_710My good friend, Kathlyn Smith, did her best to get a good picture of me. Wasn’t meant to be, though. *s*

I also got to hang out with friends from the West Texas A&M Writers Academy as well as others from Amarillo, including: Jodi Thomas, Linda Broday, Phyllis Miranda. Jodi was one of the speakers, and let me tell you, she told us in no uncertain terms what it takes to make it. Yet, here I sit. Writing a blog and not writing on my story. The good news is I came up with another storyline while there. Woot!

So all in all, I got my money’s worth out of this conference. Will I go back in the years to come? You betcha’! This year there were four other members of Smart Women Who… attending the conference. 931229_10151632008947456_1977057717_n[1] T.D. Hart, Jackie King, Kathlyn Smith, myself, and Susan Shay. I think everyone had a fantastic time.

What about you? Do you go to conferences? If not, why in the world not?! Even though you may come home exhausted—I know I did—it’s a great opportunity to connect with other writers, pitch your story to an editor or agent, reconnect with old friends and make a ton of new ones. How can you lose?

You can’t.


10 thoughts on “Writing Conferences – The Ups and Downs

  1. I’m going to a writers conference in a couple of weeks. The Crime Writers of Canada are holding their yearly mini-conference for the BC Branch in Victoria. I got so much from the last one I attended. The panel discussions were wonderful, covering subjects that we all find crucial, such as how we develop our characters and what role social media plays for us. We get to meet other writers of our genre, and have a blue pencil session with an experienced editor. I can’t wait to hear how five pages of my fourth Magda of Mayne Island novel is received. Yes, I highly recommend attending writers conferences.

    • Sounds like a great conference! I love it when you get more than you originally thought you would. You feel as if the cost was money well spent.

      Good luck with your feedback, treewithroots, and thanks for dropping by!!

    • You’re on, Susan! Oh, and it looks like the conference will move back to OKC next year. A little tighter quarters, but then you don’t run your legs off trying to find which room a workshop is in, either.

    • Me, too, Rhenna! There’s nothing like being around 2,000 other romance writers to get your creative well refilled.

    • So they might be telling you ‘how’ to write, but you’ve already morphed out and are actually ‘writing’ your next story. Cool. To each their own, I say.

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