Oh, No! Not Routine!!!

Illustration Friday - Routine

Routine. Good thing or bad?

Above is supposed to be a poll. If it’s not there, vote in comments. Would you? Routine–good or bad?

Maybe the poll isn’t fair. Some routines can be good. (Dance routines are good things. Right, DWTS?)

For some people routine is a great thing, while to others it means b-o-r-i-n-g. (IOW-death.)

How about for a writer? Check out this blog. It might change your mind.



2 thoughts on “Oh, No! Not Routine!!!

  1. Routine is good for a writer if it puts them in their chair before the computer each day. Does not mean it has to be at the same exact time or that the routine can’t be changed around. However, if you write at the same time each day (for the most part) it helps both you and others know that this is a special time that can’t be infringed upon.

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