Fair Weather Writer?

For some Fair Weather is the key.

For some writers Fair Weather is the key.

You know what a Fair Weather Writers are, don’t you? They’re those people who can only write when all circumstances are right.

I honestly don’t know any, (hand in the air) but I’ve read about them. They’re the writers who can only get words on paper when

  • There’s no one else in the house.
  • When the muse knocks three times.
  • During the rain.
  • When the sun’s shining.
  • Only on weekdays.
  • Only on weekends.
  •  Only after the house work’s finished.
  • Or the laundry.
  • When the kids are in bed.
  • With their pets are in their laps.
  • (Name your own poison.)

Okay, I’ll admit it. (Hangs head.) I’m a Fair Weather Writer. (Sorta.) My personal thing is I can only write in the morning, maybe until noon. But when the day starts winding down, so does my brainpower. (That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.) I blame it on my internal clock.

Maybe you aren’t a FWW. You could be an ALL Weather Writer. That’s a writer who can write anytime, day or night–it doesn’t matter who’s around or what’s going on, who’s waiting or what anyone expects.

When they’re on a story, they’re writing.

Louis L’amour said he could write in the middle of Time Square. Just give him a typewriter and stand back.


Marilyn Pappano can write all day and all night and start over again. And what she writes works!

A HERO TO COME HOME TO author (and all weather writer) Marilyn Pappano

A HERO TO COME HOME TO author (and all weather writer) Marilyn Pappano

I roomed at a writers’ retreat once with a woman who went directly to her computer and wrote each time we had a break. She was a great influence on me, and I started writing each time she did. And sometimes before she did.

All Weather Writer Jackie Kramer

All Weather Writer Jackie Kramer

Maybe I should just move in with her. 🙂

I’d give my eyeteeth to be an AWW, but I’ve tried. I can do a little in the evening (like now) but mostly, pfft. And what I do write late in the day takes a lot of fixing the next morning. Sigh. (Five fixes so far this morning.)

So . . . how about you? FWW or AWW? Do you know?


I’m going to piggyback Jackie’s post and talk about our party last Saturday. This was more than just a Christmas party…this was a gathering of kindred spirits. Women of like-minds who encourage and support each other.

We cry and hug if a tragedy befalls one of our families. We hold each other up if one of us receives a rejection.

We jump for joy when one of us receives a request from an editor or agent. And when one of us sells for the first time, we like to celebrate in style and eat cake. Here’s a picture of Kathlyn Smith holding her 1st Book cake with Lynn Somerville and myself beaming with joy. Co-Authors Linda, Kathlyn & Lynn All three of us have stories in the anthology, Romance – The Spice of Life published by DIVA, an imprint of AWOC.COM Publishing.

I should’ve gotten pictures of us playing dirty Santa…at least of Ashlynn Pearce scheming to get the beautiful handmade tree ornament that Jan Warren brought. Ashlynn wound up taking it home, too. (The little sneak!) 🙂

Here are Rhenna Morgan, Lynn Somerville & T.D. Hart deep in thought about a plotting issue, no doubt.

Holly, Lynn, Jen & Susan. Wonder what they're plotting.

Marion Grace and Susan Shay are always smiling.

Marion & Susan

I’m sorry I didn’t get a picture of everyone, but after an afternoon spent with these wonderful women, my well has been replenished and I can write again. I’ve cheered on my writing sisters and received the same from them. I’m so thankful to be a part of this talented circle of women, and I think each and everyone in the group would say the same.