Create a Private Writing Conference–Free!


Remember “ALL I REALLY NEEDED TO KNOW, I LEARNED IN KINDERGARTEN?” by Robert Fulghum? Well, I’ve decided that everything I need to learn is on Youtube.

Want (need?) to learn about writing and can’t afford a class or conference? Head for Youtube! I’m not kidding. You’d be surprised at what you can learn over there.

I haven’t always been a big Youtube user. Oh, one Halloween when I wanted to watch 13 Ghosts (the original one) I found it there. But that’s entertainment. I’d never thought about how I could really use it for my good before.

Then, the other day, I came across this video, shared by Jean Brashear. (Don’t you just love Jean?)


I loved this video.

Thank you, Jean!

Next, a Smart Woman shared a video.

Since James Scott Bell is one of my favorite how-to-write authors, I watched.


Yeah, if you want to teach me something, toss in a little humor. So I watched this, another one of James’ videos.

He’s got several on Youtube. Do a search.

I spent an hour listening to Stephen King the other day while I got ready for work. (I’m loving my iPad!)


You really could make an entire writing conference by searching out videos over there.

Of course, Youtube isn’t just about learning to write. You can learn anything. (More than I want to know!)

Ten things to see in Ireland.

How to train your dog.

Container gardening.

But this is a writing blog, and for all y’all who dream about writing and keep putting it off . . .

So . . . do you Youtube? Ever thought about making your own conference by listening to the Big Boys speak? Ever want to learn something and pop over there for your education?

What’s your favorite Youtube?

Ps: Right now I’m learning from Elmore Leonard. 😉