I posted a bunch of videos yesterday, and all you saw was the url to watch them. Thankfully, one of my Smart Women friends took pity on me and gave me instructions on how to do it right.
This is a test. We’ll see if I’m capable of following directions.

How about a little WRITING ADVICE from Holly West?


Thanks a ton, Rhenna Morgan!

Please, check out her website/blog. She’s gorgeous and (more importantly) has a fantastic sense of humor.

OWFI Conference . . . I’m There!

Okay, it’s been way, way too long since I’ve been to a writing conference. (I’m in Norman at the Oklahoma Writers Federation Conference.) I’m having SO! MUCH! FUN!!!

I feel like a dog who can’t wag her tail fast enough. “Oh!” pant “Hi!” Wagging tail. “It’s so nice to meet you!” Pant, pant. Tail wagging faster. “This is so cool! Isn’t it?” Panting as fast as tail is wagging. “Don’t you love this?” Pant, wag, pant, wag. “Isn’t this the best speaker/breakfast/group/whatever?!?” Passes out from hyperventilation and tail exhaustion.

Okay, I’m not quite that bad, but do tend to run out of exclamation points when I talk! (lol)

I know you won’t believe this, but sometimes I don’t get to talk. (Yeah, they lucked out.) Writers love to tell stories, so they kind of pile up on each other. I have a whole scorpion story I didn’t get to tell last night.

Funny how much there is to learn at one of these places.  And how many people there are to meet.

I’ve gone to workshops I didn’t think I’d particularly like and been bowled over. So far, my favorite speaker has been Jane Friedman. Not that I didn’t love the others, but she was fantastic! And the fact that I had lunch with her (along with the other Smart Women who’re here) and we got to chat a while had nothing to do with it. 🙂

And I’ve met lots of nice, nice people, such as my very first editor, Rhonda Penders, who just happens to own my publishing company, WILD ROSE PRESS! She was so nice and had so many great stories to share. (And she has three sons, kinda like moi, so she’s good people!)

Jodi Thomas is also here. (I have a lunch-time workshop with her today.) While she was talking to Wild Rose Rhonda, Jodi told her, “Wild Rose isn’t a small press anymore.” And she’s right. (I think Rhonda is going to have a pillow made with that on it . . . or maybe T-Shirts.)

The only bad part? Days are kind of long at these things. (Giving us our money’s worth, though!) Workshops started yesterday at 9:00 a.m. and the Buzz Session I was in last night didn’t finish until after 11:00 pm. There was a lot of information flying around. I just hope I caught the part I needed. 😉

Everything is going so smoothly, it looks as if the conference runs itself. But having been in charge of a few conferences, I know how much head-banging work it is. (Thank you to whoever did this. Wow! Great, great job!!!)

How about you? Do you enjoy going to conferences?

What’s your favorite part?

(Mine? Meeting people! wag, wag)

Great News!

Marilyn Pappano has a new book, available April 1, 2013. It’s called Copper Lake Confidential and should be available everywhere Harlequin is sold. You can also buy it on Amazon.


I’m not telling you about Marilyn’s book because she’s a warm and caring friend. (She is!)

I’m not telling you about her book because Marilyn has helped me and many of my fellow Smart Women writers so much. (She has!)

I’m not telling you about her book because Marilyn is a ton of fun and a joy to travel with. (That, too!)

I’m telling you because it’s an excellent book (out of five stars, I give it at least a ten!) and I wouldn’t want anyone who enjoys romance or suspense to miss it.

Why, you ask, is it so good? Glad you asked!


Marilyn always writes wonderful characters, but this time there are a couple of them that step off the page to live in your memory as well as your heart. The first is a three-year-old little girl.

As I said, M always does a fantastic job with her characters, but this little girl is real. Her actions and responses so honest-to-goodness, you’d swear you’d seen her just a few moments ago. M just might have done some hands-on research for Clary. (Don’t you love, love, love that name?)

The second is a dog. He’s smart, cute, mischievous, and not unlike some of the critters who live and have lived in Marilyn’s home. He acts like a real dog–one I think Molly would enjoy having as a brother. 🙂

Of course, I have several questions I want to ask Marilyn about her book. Her research. Her life growing up and how she knows everything about the rich and infamous. 😉

I’m nearing the end of CLC. Usually, when I read a suspense, I can tell who antagonist is long before this point.  But not in her book. She has me suspecting everyone of being the bad guy except Clary and Scooter the dog.


And I’m not absolutely positive about the dog. LOL.

Just like her other Copper Lake books, Marilyn has me wishing I could move to CL just to live near the people there. Fingers crossed this series will go on For! Ev! Ver!

BTW: I’m 9/10 finished with this book, and while the heroine and hero want to be together, so far it’s G-Rated. (That’s a hot with sexual tension, absolutely nothing explicit G-Rating, which ain’t easy to do, folks.)

Copper Lake Confidential will be available in print and digitally on April 1st, but only for a few weeks in print. Don’t miss out!

Ps: Buy your books new. When you buy them used, the author doesn’t get paid.

S&N–Too Much Fun!

Social Networking.Holly, Lynn, Jen & Susan. Wonder what they're plotting.

Two words that can make your stomach hurt or make you shout, “Woohoo!” And they can do both in a span of nanoseconds.

Being a big believer that, “Words Have Power” I have to say I LOVE SN! Which is really weird, since a lot of my friends from school and in my life wouldn’t be caught dead there. I understand their reasoning. It’s a time suck. (A HUGE TIME SUCK if you aren’t careful). It takes time away from other things you should be doing. It’s just one more thing for me to have to do.

But I’m flabbergasted when I meet a writer who doesn’t at least Facebook.

Image representing Facebook as depicted in Cru...

Image via CrunchBase

When I first heard about FB, it was through my college kids, and it sounded like f-u-n! I wanted in! But they told me I had to have a college email address to do it. Before I could devise a sneaky way to get one, FB opened up to the world.

Why would anyone want to get into Social Networking?

  • To stay in touch with friends and family in this crazy/busy world.
  • To find old friends.
  • To make new ones.

Co-Authors Linda, Kathlyn & Lynn

Why would a writer want to waste what little writing time she has SNing? 🙂

  • Get to know other writers
  • Learn from other writers
  • Encouragement from other writers
  • Build your platform.
  • Learn who your audience is.
  • Build an audience.

It’s easy to do. Go to Facebook dot com or twitter dot com.  And there’s a way to set it up so your FB comments go to Twitter, and vice versa. (If you have them set up both ways, will your comments echo back and forth forever? I. Don’t. Know. LOL.)

The one thing I haven’t done is set up a Facebook Author’s Page for myself. I know a lot of writers do that, but since I don’t write using a pen name, and I’m not in any real danger of going over 2000 friends any time soon, I haven’t bothered with it.

I did, however, set up one for my writers group. Kind of accidentally. 🙂

We’re called, SMART WOMEN WHO. And I thought there might be a way to set up the FB page for only the members of our group. So I picked out a picture that had most of our group in it and set up a page.


Then I added a few pictures from our retreats and meetings over the years.

I didn’t realize right away that it was open to the public. If I wanted privacy, I had to go back to a friends page. But with a friends page, you can only have one administrator. (I think.) I got ready to delete the silly thing, when I realized, this might be a great tool for our group.

So I asked if anyone objected to the thing, and when they didn’t, I told everyone to send me their book covers. Most did, and you can go over and see them. (Okay, not all of Marilyn Pappano’s books, but one or two of them.)

If you FB, come on by and say hi. (I popped over to look up something just now, and got lost in the fun. I was reading a cornbread recipe on a friend’s blog before I realized I’d drifted away.)

If you don’t FB, Twitter or Pinterest (my newest way to lose myself) why don’t you? It’s fun!

If you haven’t yet, come by Smart Women Who, like us, and say hello. We love our friends!

What A Weekend!

I’m super late posting my blog and I apologize, But I’m exhilarated and exhausted at the same time. We just had the most fantastic weekend at our retreat. We didn’t have a speaker. Instead we covered a wide range of topics our members needed help with. Like plotting, pitching, query letters, blogging and character profiles. It was sister helping sister.

We laughed, (a lot!!), we cried (well, I did…multiple times), had great workshops, got fantastic door prizes (Jan made unique tote bags for each of us), heard Jen play the guitar and listened to KT sing. My stars that girl has a fantastic voice!

Here we are smiling pretty and wearing our red t-shirts.

This is how we usually are…all silly and laughing and enjoying life. Live long and prosper!

This is the most loving, caring, supportive group of women I have ever known! I love you all!!