Grab a beverage and come sit. Let’s conversate for a moment.

If you’ve listened to the radio or TV anytime in the last year you’ve heard stupid words like “conversate.” While I’m not against making up new words, but seriously? Maybe I watch too much NASCAR or sports and that’s why I have picked up on new fangled words.

I’m not dissin’ on the athletes or  race car drivers–I can get totally flummoxed when put on the spot or nervous. I’m directing my ‘irkedness’ to the commentators. They should know better.

What does this mean to us as word crafters?    

What happens when we use unconventional words in our stories?   I don’t think it is my job to expand a reader’s vocabulary, but I won’t dumb down my writing to a 5th grade level if that isn’t my voice or true to my character. 

When our characters converse, how far can we push the boundaries?

Should we or shouldn’t we?