7th Day Slut–but she hardly rested

Finally, it’s my turn to blog.  I’m wearing my brand new slut clothes.  I’m wearing a white satin tube top (two sizes too small), a tight, scarlet skirt four inches below the treasure box and thong panties.  All this is accessorized with five inch cherry stiletto heels, ruby red lipstick, and a clunky garnet necklace and bracelet set.  I’ve got my hair bleached and teased to within an inch of its life.  But my pride and joy are the long, dangling fake ruby earrings given to me by my boyfriend, Billy-Bob.  Or was it Bubba?

If the above paragraph you gave you a picture of what I look like as a slut, you know why I’m a writer.  I’m really a middle-aged great-grandmother who slops around in sweats.  I’ve got gray hair, sagging boobs, and a great imagination.  I write because it allows me to be whatever I want, go anywhere in the Universe and perform deeds that defy belief.  And if I’m lucky, I get paid for it.

But even when I didn’t sell, writing to me was like breathing.  I once stopped writing and couldn’t understand why my life was so depressing.  Thanks to a Parents Without Partners friend, I discovered without my writing, my life just sucks pond water.  (Thanks, Les!)  And since I joined together with other people who share my love of words, understand what it’s like to have multitudes of characters crowded in their heads, life is even sweeter.

So I’m hoping you’ll join us here on the blog and come often.  You’ll find words of wisdom, provoking thoughts, and, if you’re real lucky, you’ll catch me on the day I’m wearing my Vulcan Vestal Virgin robe.  Isn’t that intriguing?        

Queen of the Sluts

Nope, the gang here didn’t give me that title. I just come by it naturally. (No, not that way.) Truth is, my nickname for a good many years has been Queen of Everything, so it follows that I get to be the Queen Slut, too, right?

I’d like to promise you that this will be the one and only time I’ll bore you with anything personal about me, but I’d be lying. I don’t know a writer who can totally separate their personal lives from their writing lives. (Write what you know — you’ve heard that old one, haven’t you?) We are, to a large extent, our books and our books are us. Sort of.

I’ve been in this biz way longer than I want to think about. My son was in 2nd grade when I sold my first book. His son (who is amazingly gorgeous and smart) just turned one. So many years, and yet I’ve remained so youthful. Doesn’t it show in my picture?



Let’s see, I’m the sixth poster, I’ve sold more than sixty books, and I share my house with my husband and six unruly, unrepentant dogs, so I guess the number’s significant, at least for the moment. I write romantic suspense, and I love my heroines. I’ve been surrounded by strong women all my life, so it’s only natural that I write my heroines that way. Heck, our pack of puppers has two alphas. Is it any surprise that one of them’s a female?

Or that I hang out here with this bunch of Women?


We’re glad you’ve dropped by Writing Sluts. We’re a group of smart, occasionally smart-mouthed, talented writers committed to writing and the insanity it brings. Insanity loves company, of course, so we’ve come to the Web looking for like-minded people.

We’ll be taking turns posting, and we’ll talk about all aspects of writing. (Some names may be changed to protect the innocent.) Comments are welcome and discussion is good, though we deserve the right to always think we’re correct, even if we don’t say so out loud. Our opinions are never humble, and our experience is vast: between us, we’ve published close to a hundred books and enough articles and short stories to fill another hundred.

So bookmark us. Tell us what you think. Talk to us! The only thing a writer enjoys more than writing is talking about writing, and we’re here to both talk and listen.