Sleep is Over-Rated

Oh, the things we do to meet our deadlines. Its 12:30 am and I just finished my second draft of a novella due on Saturday the 15th. I’d love to write something here that’s clever, witty, or thought-provoking. I had something in mind earlier this week, even earlier this evening. But all my efforts have been toward hitting this deadline.

So this is me, finally calling it a night. I hope to catch a few zzz’s before I have to get up and head to the ol’ day job. I may need a six-pack of Red Bull to make it through the day.

Forgive the wide yawn.



3 thoughts on “Sleep is Over-Rated

  1. You met your deadline — that’s cause for celebration. And yeah, more than a few times, my idea of celebration is sleeping. Peacefully. Twelve or fourteen or twenty-four hours. 🙂

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